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FOTA METAVERSE – A new era where the real meets the virtual.

Welcome to The Metaverse – a new era where the real meets the virtual. Not only delivering the best 3D-game experience, FOTA also empowers its players to roleplay and make their characters exclusively theirs in this fantasy world. Integrated with the MOBA-RPG genre, players can real-time interact with their teammates in the FOTA Metaverse. Powered […]


Our launchpad round is happening on 28 Jan 2022 Affyn is a Singapore-based company building a blockchain-powered Metaverse project with a Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn mobile game with integrated geolocation where the virtual and real world converge. Making use of geolocation technology and AR mechanics, Affyn incorporates the fun element of gaming with blockchain technology such as […]

Islander Mainnet: “Be an Islander!” Quest Overview

Islander Mainnet Launch Time: from 24th Jan 2022 to 31st Jan 2022 Total Airdrop: 50.000$ equivalent to 10.000.000 ISA Which will be distributed in 2 quests: – “Be an Islander!” Quest Reward: 30.000$ equivalent to 6.000.000 ISA – “Grand Admirals” Quest Reward: 20.000$ equivalent to 4.000.000 ISA List of “Be an Islander!” tasks: Social Task Follow us on Twitter: […]

L2Y – World’s first GameFi infrastructure and trading platform has raised $3.7 million in seed round.

There is no end in sight for L2Y growth potential. It has already won absolute trust from key investors in the GameFi market. The project just secured $3.7 million in a seed funding round. The seed round was backed by trustworthy partners and key investors. AVStar Capital, Hack VC, A&T Capital, Kenetic Capital & Protocol […]

SkyArk Studio — Singapore’s unique AAA BlockChain Game Studio & Ecosystem

SkyArk Studio is Singapore’s first AAA blockchain game studio incubated by Binance. SkyArk is launching 2 game titles under the SkyArk Chronicles series that is playable using a singly NFT. The games will be a testimonial to SkyArk’s proprietary NFT game engines as it demonstrates NFTs assets to be interoperable, editable and evolvable between the […]