Meland: How to Play

Hello, Melanders

It’s been waiting for such a long time, we’ve been through several alpha tests in the past few months.

Now we’re proud to announce we have successfully launched the game Today! 🎉🎉🎉

So, follow me now to see how to get involved in the game and create your own Meland Metaverse!


  • How to play
  • Key features to explore
  • What’s next
  • Visit our website and hit the “Play Now” button.
Meland Official Site
  • Switch your wallet network to Polygon (Matic) and connect your wallet .

switch to Polygon network

Click to connect your wallet
  • Create your character in Meland. Don’t forget to give your game character a very personalized name.

Create your own character
  • Travel around in the official area. Say hi to other melanders.

Official Area
  • Put your skin NFTs on in the game.

Skins in Game
  • Join the battle of lands.

Tips: You need to buy a ticket land to join the Play to Earn. Here is a tutorial on how to buy a ticket land.

Click on the map on the right corner.

Click on the thumbnail
  • You should be able to see your current location on the big map, as well as your ticket land. Click the home icon to jump into the battle of lands.

the Big Map
  • Start to challenge quizzes to occupy lands and win Ditamins Now.🔥🔥🔥

You can only start to conquer lands that’s next to your ticket land.

Challenge Quizzes
  1. Ditamin Trading: You can exchange $MELD with Ditamin.
  2. Staking: $MELD holders will have access to rewarding owning lands with better profits based on the staking tier.
  3. Quiz Challenge: Challenge quiz and win Ditamins.
  4. Ticket Land: Players start the challenge with a ticket land. Ticket land can be bought in the marketplace
  5. Putting NFTs on Occupied Land
  6. In-Game Marketplace: Ticket land, VIP land, Wearable NFT, Placeable NFT, other NTFs.
  7. Chat and Social
  8. Official Area: You can experience several games and news missions
  9. New Battle Area: Bigger Map Area
  10. New Quiz
Staking Pool
Buy a ticket land
Battle Area
Putting NFTs on Occupied Land
Challenging Quizzes to earn Ditamins
Chatting with others in the open world
  • VIP Land (Jan 2022)
  • Built-in Editor Release (Jan 2022)
  • MELD Future ( 6th. Jan 2022 )
  • Major gaming guilds to work with
  • Major brand partner lands
  • New exchange listing

💡 is the first Learn-to-Earn decentralized Metaverse where players can challenge quizzes, create quizzes, build, own and monetize their gaming experience in the blockchain using MELD, the platform’s utility token.

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