CowboySnake, the BSC-based Gamefi project, is launching their IDO with Dora to celebrate the partnership between the two parties.

Below is a guide on how to participate in CowboySnake’s IDO with Dora’s staking infrastructure DoraID.

The General Rules of CowboySnake’s IDO

Dora community members will share the $100,000 allocation of CowboySnake at $35 Million Fully Diluted Valuation.

25% of the allocation will be released at the TGE(4 PM UTC, 12.21.2021), the rest will be unlocked in 3 tranches on the 21st of January, February, and March of 2022.

Participants will need to stake a fixed amount of DORA at DoraID for 30 days to get whitelisted to win a portion of the $100,000 allocation of CowboySnake.

*DORA will be withdrawable after the staking period.


There will be 3 tiers provided for community members to participate.

Tier 1: 1000 $DORA Staked

$50K allocation, equally split among all participants that have staked 1000 DORA.

Tier 2: 100 $DORA Staked

$30K allocation, equally split among all participants that have staked 100 DORA.

Tier 3: 10 $DORA Staked

$20K allocation, equally split among the first 100 participants who have staked 10 DORA.


* DORA staking address will be the only identifier for whitelisting. Please make sure the address used for DORA staking is the SAME one with the address used to be whitelisted and to buy CowboySnake tokens on BSC. (Cowboy tokens will be sold in BEP-20 USDT.)

** DORA staking is only available on Ethereum.

*** Metamask wallet is suggested.

**** If the DORA staking address, the whitelisted address and the CowboySnake token buyer address are not identical, PentaLaunch platform will NOT bear any risk of losing the allocation.

For any inquiries, please contact @DORA0ID on Telegram.

Where can I get DORA (Dora Factory)?

DORA(Dora Factory) token can be found on centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges like Uniswap. More information can be found here.

*DORA token is only available on Ethereum.

When should I stake? How long should I stake to be eligible for a whitelist?

  1. Participants will need to stake DORA tokens in DoraID between 4 PM UTC, 12.14. 2021 to 4 PM UTC, 12.18.2021.
  2. Participants will need to stake DORA for 30 days to be eligible for a whitelist.

  1. If staking is successful, you will see the amount you have staked at “Staking Amount”.

  1. When the Staking period ends, the DORA you have staked will be withdrawable, and “Staking Status” will be “Unlocked”.

When can I know if I am whitelisted?

Whitelisting results will be announced after 4 PM UTC, 12.18.2021. (4 days after the initial IDO announcement) via CowboySnake Twitter account.

After the whitelisting, what do I need to do?

Whitelisted participants will need to fill in a google form provided by the CowboySnake team for basic KYC information. They will also be guided to send the entitled amount of investment to a designated address.

When will I receive the CowboySnake token?

Allocations will be sent to whitelist addresses on IDO date on 4–5 PM UTC 12.21.2021

Risk Notification:

1. A number of jurisdictions are blocked from participating in this sale.



2. Trading is risky. This post is not a suggestion for investment. The risk of trading or holding digital assets can be substantial. You should therefore carefully consider whether trading is suitable for you in light of your financial condition.

For any inquiries, please contact @DORA0ID at Telegram.

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