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Any conceptions of the Metaverse center around games. Perhaps this shouldn’t surprise us, as many of the major complaints about existing online games- the lack of concern for players many companies seem to have, the lack of control players have over their assets, and the ever-present risk that all the items a player owns will vanish one day- are easily solved by blockchain technology. This has led to the creation of a new concept in gaming known as “GameFi.”

0xAdventure and Skyark in the meeting with CZ

GameFi- short for “Game Finance,” has arrived and is attracting tremendous investment and interest. Some of the more popular examples of GameFi, such as Axie Infinity, gather millions in revenue monthly. These games allow players to own their in-game items rather than merely rent them from a platform, do with those items and their in-game identity as they like, and provide all their information transparently. Many of them are also governed by DAOs, allowing players a say in how the game functions and protecting against sudden and arbitrary changes in how the game works.

However, as with all new technologies, there are still kinks to work out. GameFi games have a comparatively steep learning curve- you have to understand basic aspects of cryptocurrency to get started- and many of them have increasingly high upfront costs.

These problems are where 0xAdventure comes in. Our platform aims to be a complete guild for GameFi players, providing resources, strategies, community, and managers to help them on their GameFi adventure.

0xAdventure- A SteamFi Guild for GameFi

0xAdventure is a “SteamFi platform” inspired by the success of Steam in the field of traditional games. In essence, “SteamFi” is the combination concept of Steam, a digital game distribution system providing social media, game development, streaming, and storage, and GameFi, the combination of blockchain tech, play to earn gaming, and player ownership of their investment in a game.

An avatar is minted for each player using our platform, and data from their on-platform and in-game activity is used to create a database of gamers to help identify what games players want, what parts of the ecosystem are working and not working, and to better incentivize and support gamers by appealing to what we know they like.

This database will help us shape a unique avatar for game players and will also help to shape more products and services in the 0xAdventure ecosystem. These will include our Play-to-Earn scholarship system, e-sports & AI strategies, GameFi lending platform & exchange, NFT minting & staking, among other elements.

For a beginner looking to get started in GameFi who can’t afford the upfront costs, many games require you to purchase several NFTs just to get started and can be confusing for somebody with little background in play to earn games. 0xAdventure will help new players by providing the resources and support they need to jump into games so they can get playing, and earning, right away.

The guild supports both centralized and decentralized on-chain games and supports players in many games, including Valkyrio, BinaryX, Wanakafarm, Radiocaca, Axie Infinity, Farmers World, Starsharks, Thetan Arena, Elfin Kingdom, Dehorizon, and Mythical. Additionally, we have partnerships with Legends of Elumia, Sipher, and SkyArk Chronicles.

For those interested in making a living in GameFi but who don’t know where to start, we also have a scholarship program that matches players to assets and scholarship managers. This allows players to jump right into a play-to-earn game without having to provide a large investment up front and allows the owners of the assets to assure they are productive without having to play with them for 24 hours a day personally. The program managers also provide support to help new players to get the hang of things as quickly as possible.

0xAdventure’s team also has experience operating several eSports teams in Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, and other locations around the world. Players who excel in the scholarship program will have opportunities to form e-sports teams backed by resources, staff, and services.

GameFi has arrived, and 0xAdventure will be at the forefront of future developments. Our programs will make it easy for new players to join popular games, help promote games that deserve the attention of guild members, and provide ways for those looking for a deeper engagement with GameFi to participate through our eSports teams and scholarship programs.

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