More than a trend: Metaverse AI will become a necessity for crypto mass adoption

Nvidia CEO says the metaverse could save companies billions of dollars in the real world

Companies are investing money into the creation of the so-called metaverse because it may ultimately save them significant chunks of change in the real world, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang told CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Friday.

In an interview on “Mad Money,” Huang painted a vision of connected, virtual reality universes that go beyond facilitating recreation and commerce. Rather, Huang said he believes businesses can lean on the metaverse — or omniverse, which is Nvidia’s preferred term — to reduce wastefulness and increase operational efficiency.

“We waste a whole bunch of things to overcompensate for the fact that we don’t simulate. We want to simulate all factories in metaverses, in this omniverse. We want to simulate plants in omniverse. We want to simulate the world’s power grids in the omniverse,” Huang said.

” By doing that, we could decrease the amount of waste, and that’s the reason why the economics are so good for companies,” he continued. “They’re willing to invest a small amount of money to buy into this artificial intelligence capability but what they save is hopefully hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars.”

California-based Nvidia is the largest maker of graphics and artificial intelligence chips in the world. Nvidia’s market capitalization now stands at $824.6 billion, making it the seventh most valuable company in the S&P 500.

Metaverse AI | Open Metaverse & Web3.0 | San Francisco

Metaverse AI at Blockchain Summit 2021 with Vitalik Buterin and fellow Web3 metaverse builders around the globe

Metaverse AI is developing the Open Metaverse on Web 3.0 with engaging applications including digital human engine, social metaverse, and virtual celebrity. Built on NEAR’s lightning fast and affordable protocol, Metaverse AI’s advanced AI engine will allow users to create decentralized identities and 3D high-fidelity avatars. Metaverse AI’s blockchain-based DiD (decentralization identifier) avatars will empower users to own and keep and move their valuable identity and assets across the Metaverse.

The virtual celebrity industry is projected to be a trillion dollar market with wide applications in commerce, luxury, advertising, and more. Metaverse AI has partnered with NVIDIA and built revenue-generating virtual celebrity products. The core team has built VR/AR products at Facebook, Google, and Snapchat, and is supported by Kleiner Perkins, Animoca Brands, Draper, Delta Blockchain Fund, etc.

Henry, CEO of Metaverse AI, said: “The Metaverse is redefining human-computer interactions and Web3.0/NFT will play an indispensable role. Scalability, privacy, and security will be important factors. With NEAR’s Nightshade sharding technology and ecosystem, we’re accelerating the vision towards the Open Metaverse with mass adoption.”


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