How To Buy xHashtag $XTAG Token?

In this article, we will be detailing all the options you have to purchase $XTAG, the native xHashtag token. No matter whether it is USDC or USDT that you have access to, all the three exchanges that we’re listed on will enable you to get your hands on a XTAG bag.

Why buy XTAG? The xHashtag utility token is the native governance token of the xHashtag DAO. The token is not merely speculative but finds utility in the form of staking-based governance of the DAO, priority access to tasks on the xHashtag dApp and upgradation to reviewer status.

Recently, we had a successful IDO of our XTAG token on SolRazr, and subsequently, we’re listed for trading on three major crypto exchanges — KuCoin,, and Raydium.

Today, we show you how you can easily purchase XTAG tokens on these exchanges:

Option 1 — Buy XTAG on Kucoin/Gate (CEX)

The first thing that you would need is an account on these exchanges — Kucoin / Gate

If you don’t already have an account, head over to the following links to create an account:

Once your account is set up, log in into your account, and head over to the following links to buy XTAG:

Buy on Kucoin ->

Buy on Gate →

XTAG can be bought with USDT on the above exchanges, however, if you don’t hold USDT, you can exchange the asset you are holding to USDT and then purchase XTAG 🙂

Option 2 — Buy XTAG on Raydium (DEX)

A Step-By-Step Guide

1) The first thing you would need before you can buy XTAG on Raydium is a Solana browser wallet extension like Phantom / Sollet.

2) Now, head over to Raydium -> and connect your Phantom or Sollet wallet.

3) Select the From asset that you want to exchange for XTAG, enter the amount, and click “Swap” and approve the transaction in your wallet.

4) Once the transaction is successful, you’ll see XTAG in your wallet, and that’s it!

We hope you found this article on buying XTAG on multiple exchanges helpful. Do leave your comments below and share this article on your social media handles!

About xHashtag

Building on SolanaxHashtag is a Play2Earn DAO for Future Of Work where users can earn crypto by completing simple on-chain / off-chain tasks.

Projects can leverage community talent to accelerate community growth by rewarding valuable actions in their own $tokens with optional vesting to balance sell pressure. From a user’s perspective, xHashtag offers a way to earn rewards for completing tasks, while for the project, it presents a way to effectively achieve a wide token distribution with high ROI by building a community that constantly propels project’s on-chain and off-chain activities.

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